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Bray Ceiling Installations Ltd

Complete a fibreglass insulation attic project with Bray Ceiling Installations Ltd

Fibreglass Insulation

Bray Ceiling Installations Ltd specialise in attic insulation for residential and commercial clients in Dublin, Wicklow and throughout Leinster.

Properties with poorly insulated attics and loft spaces can lose as much as 30% of the heat they generate which can leave homeowners unnecessarily out of pocket.

Installing fibreglass insulation in your attic is a cost-effective solution that will instantly reduce your heating bills and transform your living and or working environments.


Struggling with high energy bills? Get a free quote for a dry lining service today

Dry Lining

We also offer a dry lining service as part of our comprehensive insulation package for clients that significantly reduces the rate at which heat escapes through walls.

Insulating solid or hollow block internal walls is a cost-effective insulation solution and allows for any future expansions, alterations or design changes.

Our dry lining solutions include:


Curved Ceilings

Dropped Plasterboard Ceilings

Insulated Boards

Lighting Troughs


Dry lining gives clients the ability to be flexible when choosing their acoustic and insulation materials which is becoming increasingly more important in order to meet demanding building regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does fibreglass insulation cost?

Fibreglass insulation typically costs €7 - €9 per m2. In order to receive accurate pricing for your property, get in touch with Bray Ceiling Installations Ltd for a free quote.

Do you offer BER assessor services?

Yes. Bray Ceiling Installations Ltd. are available to act as a BER assessor for clients based in Dublin, Wicklow and throughout Leinster. Contact us today to arrange a survey of your property.

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