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Bray Ceiling Installations Ltd

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Stud Wall Partitioning

Bray Ceiling Installations Ltd install single or double layer stud wall partitioning that meets specific building and client requirements in Wicklow, Dublin, Wexford and throughout Leinster.

Our stud wall partitioning covers all applications and are designed to meet the most demanding sound insulation and fire resistance requirements in and around hallways and stairways.

We can encase any pipes or services between floors for fire safety when completing straight or curved stud wall partitioning. These metal stud partitions can be used in all types of existing and new buildings such as:




Industrial properties

Office partitioning


We also offer a dedicated office partitioning service that helps organisations make the most of their space by creating personalised working spaces according to your requirements.

Our office partitioning service is built around our clients to ensure their metal stud partitions enable them to develop and enhance their overall working environments.


Insulate and soundproof your metal stud partitions in accordance with building regulations

Benefits Of Stud Wall Partitioning

Install impact resistant boards in high-traffic areas

Introduce thermal insulation as necessary

Lightweight, easy to install and renovate

Meet fire resistance requirements

Meet sound insulation requirements

Quick installation

Reduced construction costs

Reduced drying out time

Bray Ceiling Installations Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does office partitioning cost?

Pricing will depend on the particular requirements of your project. Get in touch with the team at Bray Ceiling Installations Ltd. to receive your free quote for your stud wall partitioning project.

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